Terms and Conditions of your voucher

Groupon Winch Launched Gliding Lessons January to 30th September 2014

Openings hours are:

Groupon Gliding Tasters at Bicester Gliding Centre

This online booking page is exclusive to voucher holders who purchased from Groupon in November / December 2013. Before visiting our online booking site (below), you should have your Groupon voucher to hand. It is important that you choose the winch launched service for your voucher. We will reject any booking requested for the incorrect service. You will be asked to complete your name, contact phone number, email address, the Groupon code on your voucher and the security code on your voucher. Should you fail to complete these details or give the wrong codes then your request will be refused. Your request will be confirmed by email, usually within 24 hours – until you have received the confirmation email then your appointment is not confirmed – please read the confirmation email carefully, it will contain directions on how to find us, what to do on the morning of your lessons and lots of other important information.

You should ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions at the top of this page – there are height, weight and some medical restrictions for gliding. As stated on your voucher, you must book your voucher by the 28 February 2014 for a date between January and 30 September 2014.

Please book only one time slot per voucher – both lessons will take place within the one 45 minute time slot. The two lessons give up to 20 minutes in the air.

Deadline has now expired.

Late booking may be accepted if you phone the office, but a late fee of £15 will be required.

Important. Our online booking system will not accept a booking with less than 48 hours notice to the flying day - ie on a Monday morning you can't book your session for sooner than the Wednesday afternoon. This is so that on busy days we can be sure that enough instructors are available, or so we can bring in extra staff, and to avoid overbooking caused by last minute additions - we hope you appreciate this restriction.
The system only offers you the slots which are currently free, so you may see many days marked as No Availability Found - ie all slots those days are already taken. Use the small calendar to select the date and choose the time slot.

When you arrive for your Gliding Lessons appointment, you must bring your Groupon voucher with you.
Total time in the air is weather dependant, but our instructors will do their best to maximise it.

What to Wear

How to Get Here

The airfield is on the north east edge of Bicester, about a mile from the town centre.
Your sat nav will generally take you to the wrong entrance to the airfield (TravelZoo's mapping software did this too, marking the blocked off entrance) so have a good look at this map. Our entrance is near where the letter A is shown on the Skimmingdish Lane section of the ring road. You might find it worthwhile to look at Map view, Satellite view and Street view to fully orientate yourself. Note that there are TWO Skimmingdish Lanes, and that the entrance on Queen's Avenue is closed off.

From the South and town centre:
Take the A4421 (Buckingham Road) north east out of town. Go straight on at several mini-roundabouts, past Bicester North railway station (under a bridge), past a speed camera until you get to the first big roundabout. Turn right (east) at this roundabout on the A4421 (ring road), signposted towards Aylesbury. The airfield entrance is 100m on your left.

From the East (A41 from Aylesbury)
At the first roundabout by the Army storage depot, take the third exit on to the A4421 (Bicester ring road) towards Buckingham. Stay on this road going straight ahead at the next two roundabouts. At the third roundabout turn left. At the next roundabout, turn left onto Skimmingdish Lane (still A4421) signposted to Buckingham. You will see the hangars a while before you reach the gates. The airfield entrance is half a mile along this road, on your right.

From the North East (A4421 from Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Northampton)
Follow the A4421 south west towards Bicester. About one mile north of the town you will see the airfield on the left. Go past the first set of gates (the disused entrance), and continue to the roundabout. At the roundabout turn left on to the ring road (Skimmingdish Lane). The entrance is 100m on the left.