LXnav - sponsors of the winner's prize.

We are pleased to announce LXNav are providing a Nano flight recorder as first prize in the 18m Nationals.

Naviter - sponsors of second place prize Bicester Aviation Services - sponsors of second place prize

And Naviter in conjunction with Bicester Aviation Services are supplying an Oudie Lite as second prize.

The FX Firm

The FX Firm are sponsoring your free polo shirts and soaring hats.

Forbes Insurance

Forbes Insurance are buying the drinks - well the day prizes.

John Nicholls, Builds supplier

While John Nicholls has provided some general sponsorship.


LX avionics - specialist in glider instrumentation FlywithCE - software and personal loggers

From flywithCE and LXavionics, Personal flight recorder, as third prize.

Sponsors of the web site

Web design, database design. E-Commerce. Usability and search engine optimisation. Google Adwords campaign management.

Entries for the Bicester 18m Nationals 2013

The Nationals Entry List

More details will be added when they become available.
Last updated 17th August 2013.

No First Name Surname Glider Reg
1 Mike Young ASG29e 57
2 Russell Cheetham JS1c E1
3 Ed Johnston ASG29e-18 G9
4 Derren Francis Ventus 2 cxaj F2
5 Dave Watt ASG29 MP
6 Steve Jones Ventus 2cxa 210
7 Nick Tillett ASW29 AB
8 Andrew Davis JS1-C 80
9 Tim Scott ASG29 Z3
10 Chris Starkey ASW27 900
11 Ian Macarthur JS1 ZZ
12 Garry Stingemore ASH29e 10
13 Ian Evans JS1 XZ
14 Howard Jones Ventus2ct/18 300
15 John Arnold Discus2c/18 JA
16 Steve Ell ASG29e E11
17 Bob Bromwich ASG29 290
18 Patrick Naegeli ASG29e 520
19 Andy Holmes LS8-18 418
20 Rory Ellis ASG29 9
21 Alistair Nunn JS1 WZ
22 Gareth Baker Ventus 2ct R11
23 Mark Holden Ventus 2cxaj 01
24 Richard Browne ASG29e XS
25 Mike Clarke ASG29e MC
26 Roy Pentecost ASG29e 630
27 Chris Curtis ASG29e Z6
28 Bob Thirkell ASG29e B3
29 Phil Jeffery Ventus 2ct 64
30 Brian Birlison Ventus 2c 565
31 Jez Hood LAK17/18m L17
32 Zenon Marczynski ASG29e 607
33 Graham Smith ASG29 42
34 Garry Coppin Ventus 2cxt 66
35 John Spencer ASG29e 601
36 Owain Walters Ventus 2cxa VV
37 David Booth JS1-b B5
38 Chris Cobham ASG29 CC
39 Andy Cockerell LS8-18 P1
40 Rory O'Conor DG 800b/18m SH